Inspired to be a modernized timepiece, merging the beauty of a classic diver watch and the cleanliness of a minimalist watch.
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Semporna is a small town in Sabah Borneo. As small as it is, it's the gateway to some of the most beautiful islands in the world. Sadly, it is also one of the very few paradise in our country, that isn't being contaminated or destroyed by heavy tourism, yet..  
We believe building a watch is always more, than just building a watch. For some, it's building dreams, legacy or charity. For us, it's building awareness. We love our country, and we love our land and seas. We want the world and our children to be able to see the beauty of what nature has grazed us with, all these years. The jewel that is passed to us in our care. 
This is why we dedicate our watch to this beautiful place - SEMPORNA.

It's also to remind us, that no matter how small or insignificant you think you are, you could still possess potential and greatness within you, just like the little small town of Semporna.

For many years, we wanted to build a diver watch that is modern and elegant in design. As we embarked on our journey, we realized that like us, most of the people who own diver watch nowadays doesn't actually dive. Even if they do, there's so many gadgets out there today that is more advanced and useful for that purpose.
Which is why it got us thinking, which one is more practical today:
A functioning diver that may never had the opportunity to serve its purpose, or a modern diver that can function as dress watch with minimalized function of a diver? 
And so, borns the Desk Diver

Stop overdoing things. Life is complicated as it is, and to look good, sometimes is to do a bit less. Subtlety is often the best strategy in making an appeal, don't you agree?
We took careful considerations to avoid the watch being overcrowded or bombarded with excessive information. As we decided earlier, we want to make this watch 100% relevant to our customers today, no more, no less.
Our Signature Bezel for instance, the rationale behind quarter markings is because we realize most of the time we count times in 5 or 15 minutes interval. So we can use 15 minutes mark on the bezel while utilizing the 5 minutes mark on the dial. This allow a clean bezel, for the ceramic to do its light work, instantly grabbing attention. 
We kept the color elements to minimal as well, emphazing on the dark blue signifying the beauty & the mystery of the sea at Semporna.


In the past, watch has always been a utility to tell time conveniently. Today, it's more than just a tool for timekeeping. It's a statement, whether of status, style or just an expression. As we approach the design of Semporna, we realize that this is something we want to wear everyday, hence we ask ourselves: "Can this watch fit in our abundant lifestyle on a daily basis?" To do so, the core design of the watch has to be relevant, and versatile for today's fashion sense. 
And with our effort in place, we're proud to say that we made a watch that looks absolutely stunning, and you can most certainly fit it for any occasion, formal, casual or sports.

[Good News] We're updating it to Miyota 9015!

The heart is what keeps us going, while the body is protecting the heart. It cannot be more true for a watch. Which is why we opted for one of the most sought after movement today - The MIYOTA 9015. A premium movement that needs no introduction,  a high precision & beautiful movement , widely accessible which makes it easy for maintenance & repair as well. For the body, we use surgical grade 316L Stainless Steel Its extreme resistance towards corrosion & a durable material made it the most trusted case material for decades.
We picked ceramic as our bezel material for 2 main reason, it's scratch resistant and it doesn't fade overtime like other materials. It also compliment our minimalist design , reflecting light nicely on different angles, making the watch stand out instantly. 
As for the front, we use flat sapphire crystal with 5 layers of underside Anti Reflecting Coating, the gold standard in protecting our precious watch from accidental scratches.

No watch is complete without the perfect lume. For Semporna, we want the lights off experience to be both compelling & practical at the same time, hence the dual tone design. Luminating the main dial elements are the bright green X1 Grade C3 Superluminova for maximum visibility, while ice blue Grade A BGW9 for the hour handtip and chapter markers.   



316L Stainless Steel
Brushed Finishing
Screwdown Crown with Lume
Exhibition Case Back


 ̶S̶e̶i̶k̶o̶ ̶S̶I̶I̶ ̶N̶H̶3̶5̶A̶ ̶ (Miyota 9015)
42 Hour Power Reserve
28,800 bph  


Sapphire Crystal w/ Blue AR Inner Coating. (Front)
Sapphire Crystal (Back)


120-clicks Unidirectional Bezel with Ceramic Insert
Screwdown Crown with lume Drilled Lugs
20 ATM


Dual Tone Hands & Dial
(Grade A BGW9 & Grade X1 C3 )

Single Tone Bezel & Crown
(C3 X1)


Case Diameter   :  42 .0mm
Case Thickness  :  12.6 mm
Lug to Lug               : 48.0 mm
Lug size                     : 22.0 mm
Weight                      : 109 g


Rugged Sillicon Strap
Stainless Steel Bracelet with Female End Link


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